Let's talk winter weddings!

In Australia it’s become ‘the norm’ to get married in spring or summer, and that’s awesome if you have your heart set on a warm outdoor celebration surrounded by your nearest and dearest, but it’s not the only option … so let’s think outside the square a little … let’s talk about a winter wedding!!!

I’m picturing long sleeved, high necked bridal gowns with faux fur stoles and guys in luxe velvet jackets.  I’m thinking about bouquets with richly coloured blooms and metallic accents; and indoor ceremonies in stunningly unique locations like wineries made from stone, barns of aged timber, even art galleries, museums and book stores … can you see it now?

But what about my guests you say – I want them to be comfortable too?  We can easily accommodate them too with warm jackets, ugg boots and cosy couches with woollen blankets.

Our south west and southern forests venues look so much better when surrounded by lush green paddocks, gorgeous winter light and just a touch of mist – so think how amazing your photos will look?!

And once you get inside, be sure to have that log fire burning and a tonne of lanterns, candles and fairy lights to set the mood.

Your menu too can reflect the change of season, so ask your caterer to make hearty meals a real feature.  But after the main event, it only gets better – how about a S’mores bar?  Hot chocolate station?  Warm Baileys cocktails?  Mulled wine?!  Can you taste it/feel it yet?

And your flowers … oh the flowers!  As a professional wedding and event florist I find beauty in all the seasons, but winter is a particular favourite because there are some little pretties that we just don’t get to use as often as we’d like.  Hellebores, blushing bride (proteas), jonquils, hyacinth, snowdrops and poppies, and even flowering foliage like viburnum.  Think of the totally unique bouquet we could create together?!

OK so maybe it’s time for a few practical reasons.  Get the venue you want, on the date you want and often at a discount rate.  More of your preferred vendors will be available too.  And it’ll be easier for your guests to attend (less competition with other summer events and activities).

But here’s the real kicker: winter in Aus means summer in Europe, so it’s the PERFECT time for that dream honeymoon!!!

Words on a page are one thing, but here are a few of my favourite winter wedding pics that I just know will sway you on the idea … so when you are ready to talk about your very own winter wedding – I’ll be waiting for your call (and I might even squeal a little!!!) 😊

For more ideas check out my Pinterest page: https://www.pinterest.com.au/scentiment/